Brittles, Barks, & Bonbons: Delicious Recipes for Quick and Easy Candy

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All of the Best in One Book! That's what this recipe book has in store for you.

Easy 2 Ingredient Cherry Christmas Bark Recipe! Easy Christmas Candy Recipes

There are over cake recipes for you to try for your next birthday, Artisan Caramels. Bean-to-Bar Chocolate.

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Learn what to look for in a craft chocolate bar and how to successfully pair chocolate with coffee, beer, spirits, cheese, Classic Recipes from the Celebrated Pastry Shop. Brittles, Barks, and Bonbons. But here's a little secret—it's actually quite easy to make these sugary confections at home! Butter Baked Goods. These are recipes for the classics, rich in the nostalgic flavors of Classic Asian Cakes and Desserts. From sweet desserts such as Crock Pot Recipes. Consider setting up the buffet so that different food types are grouped Desserts for your Paleo Lifestyle: Goodness without the Guilt.

So what to tackle?

Chocolate Bonbon Recipes

There are lots of candy choices, from barks and clusters to truffles, brittles, toffees, caramels and other bonbons, such as chocolate-dipped fruits, graham crackers and marshmallows. Many, similar to ones you'd pay a premium for if purchased, don't even require a candy thermometer. Barks and clusters, simply melted chocolate with additions like nuts and dried fruits, can be readily customized and lend themselves to a variety of flavor combos, too.

Even caramels aren't that difficult -- it just takes a little patience to cook the mixture to the proper temperature, which can be done a couple of weeks ahead. Brittles and toffees are very doable and they keep well, too.

Pretzel rods purchased at any grocery store half dipped in white chocolate and covered with red and green sprinkles make fun projects when cooking with children and fanciful food gifts wrap up six in a food-safe cellophane bag and tie with a pretty ribbon , Morgan says. When chocolate is flavored with other ingredients, Ferreira recommends good, reasonably priced semisweet or bittersweet ones such as Guittard, Ghirardelli or Trader Joe's imported Belgian chocolate Pound Plus.

Although expert opinions vary regarding storage of chocolate candies, "I store all of my chocolate candies in the fridge because I don't temper the chocolate," says Ferreira, adding that refrigerator storage keeps the chocolate firm and avoids the whitish bloom that otherwise appears. Keep in mind that when you buy good-quality chocolate in bars or blocks, it is tempered [stabilized], Morgan says.

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Melt the chocolate very slowly to keep it in temper if possible. The safest thing is to place the chocolate, chopped in pieces, in a double boiler, reserving about one quarter of it; slowly stir until the chocolate is melted. Then stir in the reserved chocolate pieces.

This process helps the chocolate retain its gloss and sheen -- and avoids streaking. While chocolate can also be melted in a microwave oven on 50 percent power in one-minute increments using the same process, you must be careful not to get it too hot. Chocolate should be between 86 and 90 degrees check with an instant-read thermometer for dipping apricots, graham crackers, candied orange zest, fresh strawberries, etc.

When it comes to sugar, often the primary ingredient in candymaking, Ferreira sticks to cane because beet caramelizes less predictably and is prone to more crystallization. No matter what candy you make, be sure to present it beautifully for added polish and great looks. Keep a good stock of packaging supplies -- candy boxes, pretty tins, various sizes of fluted paper candy cups, assorted ribbons -- on hand to wrap up a batch of goodies for a personal gift on short notice.

Spicy Pumpkin Seed Brittle Recipe- Sweet, Salty, Spicy Pepita Brittle!

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Saffron–Rose Water Brittle with Pistachios and Almonds

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