Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Goes to Holywood: The Graphic Novel

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So, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Eloquent Fringe, recommended by FringeReview, the good fringe guide…. Roy becomes fixated with finding ever elaborate ways of ending their relationship, until he realises that his one solution to breaking the cycle might be to look at his own actions and do the one thing he finds more difficult than anything else — telling the truth.

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Funny, surprising and touching, be prepared for floral assaults, nosey neighbours and outrageous attempts at breaking up when love is on the battlefield. Making comedy-jazz-rap a thing, their songs range from panda repopulation to coming of age to Robot Wars, and they bring love and laughter to a world that needs both more than ever. Join them on a touching, eggciting and cut-throat journey through friendship and chickenhood.

In Theatre was made illegal. Without a stage, without costumes or props, one man made it his mission to keep performing and to keep British theatre alive — stitching together half-remembered Shakespearean scenes and strange medieval interludes, soaking them in sex and violence and bawdy, unintellectual humour. Three people are called to a meeting with their boss. One of them is going to be fired.

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In the course of an hour, we see the nasty, brutish side of workplace politics as two candidates gang up on the other. Where does the line between banter and bullying lie and how far would you go to be successful? Can you change the world without offending anyone? Juliette is full of contradictions: pessimistic optimist? Introverted extrovert? Successful failure? Masculine or feminine? Happy or sad? Mentally ill or healthy? Why must we choose one or the other?

One audience member.

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What would you say if a super secret agency asked you to be their new codebreaker? A young, black woman with the head of a bull, roams her labyrinth. Across the sea a warrior sets sail with just one goal.

Backstage, the lecturer waits to deliver his thoughts. And the other guy just wants to tell a story. Nathan has been a pest control officer for over 30 years.

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You, the audience, are trapped in an interactive, retro gaming nightmare; choose an option, find the way out, and escape The Dark Room! Search for:. Browse reviews Please select Welcome to our coverage of Bedford Festival Fringe. So, a staging post to Edinburgh, but also a rich, varied and impressive Fringe in its own right. Mistaking the charmingly homemade for a pile of old tat, the politics are juvenile and the only good bits are nicked from Team America: World Police.

A loveable loser in the style of John Cusack from High Fidelity, he narrates a self-deprecating tale leavened by musical numbers and made poignant by an affectingly honest delivery. Operated by Heath McIvor of the excellent Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams , Randy proves that performers made of foam can give their human counterparts a run for their money, although they may need a hand to succeed.

Edinburgh Fringe favourite and Australian stand-ups Sammy J and Heath McIvor bring a cast of 14 puppets to town for a warped and definitely adults-only journey into the magical world of children's tales. Back after two Edinburgh sell-out years, with brand new songs, sketches, socks and violence. Book early!

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For adults only, this spectacle offers a feast of dazzlingly skillful puppetry. With a splash of raunchiness, this rip-roaring and outrageously funny show is an eclectic cabaret of live puppetry and animated short films.

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Shitty puppets return, this time it's personal. The history and horrors of war explained by renegade, rag-tag, swearing puppets.

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